Subject: several subjects - (was:Trieste-Venice transport)
I have already checked out trains from Trieste to Venice, so that will be no problem. And I have Don &Linda's travelogue for ideas about what to do &see in Trieste.

Debbie, I ran across the Travelzine while researching a trip to Portugal & Spain. Stayed at the Hotel Britania in Lisbon per Don &Linda's recommendation, and enjoyed it very much.

What I like about this list is that people know about public transport, aren't afraid to venture off the beaten paths, and have some idea of what they are looking at when they get to their destinations.

Re: Extremadura. Richard, do visit Merida, and take time to go to the wonderful new museum that has been built amidst the Roman ruins. It is breathtaking, both as architecture and for the collection inside.