Subject: Re: trip to the USA
(I am real new to this group, so I hope I am not being redundent).

Here is what I would do. The US is a really BIG and diverse country. Europeans are totally dazzled by the distances and the diversity. Why not try something that will give you a little more flavor for just a piece of the country. Instead of NY, SF, and LA., just go to NY (it is justifiably the number 1 destination) and spend 4 or 5 days in the city. Then rent a car and head south. Drive down the New Jersey coast. . It is charming. I car will give you freedom to explore. Spend a night in Atlantic City, real contrasts with the boardwalk, the beautiful beach and the casinos. Then head into either Philadelphia or, probably better, south through the country across Chesapeake Bay to Annapolis and up into Washington D.C. You will love D.C.; it is a lovely city. Kind of like going to Florence and touring Tuscany, rather than hitting Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples, and Milan.

I live in San Francisco and hate to tell you to leave it out (it IS the most beautiful city in the US), but on a 12 day 1st trip, realize you will come back.

We travel almost annually to Italy and will be in your area in November. It is our 3rd trip to Florence and we haven't been to the Ufizi yet!

Have a great time on your first visit to the U.S.!!


San Francisco