Subject: Re: Tuscany Questions from a new member

I am also new to this group - this is my first posting. I would second the advise that you need car and the advise to seek out auto europe. Consistently the lowest prices and excellent service. It is MUCH cheaper to arrange the rental here before getting to Italy. Don't worry about driving there, it is not near as scary as people say. We prefere to take secondary routes and just follow the blue signs that are reliable in directing you to the city of your chioce. We have stayed several times near where you are going. You are going to stunned. Don't spend all your time going her and going there. Spend several afternoons just soaking the details of a particular piazza.

We have traveled several times to this area (are going to be in Florence and Parma in Nov.). I have written a few travel articles that are on my simple website at . The article on Anghiari will interest you. It covers the a visit to Arezzo to see the The Legend of the Cross fresco cycle by Peiro del San Francesco in the church of San Francisco. Easy to reach from your location and worth the trip.

Have a great time --- it is guaranteed...

Howard San Francisco