Subject: RE: Food in Athens
Hi Bill, As an Athenian, I can propose places not touristy:

Ideas for a good lunch (and dinner) in Athens are: Restaurant To kouti, 23 Andrianiou str. in Plaka, in front of Ancient Market and with excellent view to Acropolis. Tel 3213229, 3213029. Very good food. Not very expensive. Bar - Restaurant STAVLOS, 10 Irakleidon str, Thisseion, tel 3467206 Not very expensive

Ideas for dinner (only) are: Restaurant Aristera-Dexia, 3 Andronikou str, Rouf (Thisseion) , tel : 3422380 Not very cheap. Restaurant CINE PSYRRI, 40 Sarri str. Psyrri area, tel 3212476,3215534 Not very expensive Restaurant Tade Efi Anna , 72 Ermou str. Monastiraki, tel. 3213652. Excellent food but expensive. Restaurant Kallisti 137, Asklipiou str. Center of Athens Tel. 6453179, 6445476, Not very expensive.

Best Regards Joanna in Athens