Subject: Re: Driving in France and Italy
Hi Beverly I believe that this is a very individual choice. Yes, road signs are in the language of the country you are visiting, but a map, a few words written or memorized, and a plan have never led us astray. And if we're lost, it is usually part of the fun. But, my husband likes to drive. He enjoys driving and I enjoy planning. I usually buy maps, and use websites to plot our course long before we leave on our journey. Most major guide books have a driving section that contains all the informaion we have ever needed for driving in another country. Of course caution is important, but I don't think I would hesitate to drive in Europe, even if I were not with my husband. Don't forget that the alphabets are the same, and the plan names are just what you expect. I learn words like exit, enter, one way, stop, yield, left, right, and directional words. If I can't remember them, I keep them handy in the car. But if your husband is against it, he might not enjoy himself. I don't know about you, but a cranky travel companion can sure put a damper on a trip for me.

Hope this helps Debbie