Subject: Re: Re: Driving in France and Italy
Beverly I think you have had some excellent advice - but cannot resist adding my own 2 penn'orth (UK equivalent of 2 cents!) We have driven extensively in France and Italy and although we have enjoyed train travel (particularly Eurostar and London - Milan) driving in Europe is great fun. You can just stop whenever somewhere takes your fancy. If you see a charming village on a hilltop or notice a medieval town in the guidebook then off you go. No hanging around stations or waiting for connections. You can use the autoroutes for speed and easy A to B driving, or the 'pretty route' if you want to meander. As Diana says small change for the short sections of autoroute and credit card for longer sections will see you through - plus a cheery 'bonjour' 'merci' and 'au revoir'! have a wonderful trip Sally Somerset UK