Subject: Re: Munich, Venice etc.
Adriana, sounds like you've picked some of the most beautiful parts of Europe to visit. Frankfurt airfares may possibly be cheaper than Munich. While we visited Venice we stayed in a hotel outside of Venice in Venice Mestre, right across the street from the railroad station. (There's even a McDonalds in the train station - oh joy!) It cost very little to go into Venice and took only a few minutes to get there - always buy a round trip ticket. Hotels right in Venice tend to be more expensive. Our hotel was the Hotel Plaza -- plaza -- but there were others in the same area. This is called a first-class hotel, and it was fine, but not upscale - I would rate it 3*. I'm sure you've already done this, but if not, write to the tourist board (or go on-line) and get hotel and other info for every city you want to visit. They'll give you maps and anything else you can think of to ask for. I always ask for a sample packet.

We visited both Innsbruck and Salzburg, but somehow Innsbruck stands out in my memory more, for it's charming streets, shops, restaurants -- just the look and feel of it. The countryside is beautiful. We're going back this fall through east Germany and Austria, and will be staying in small, family operated hotels, not Holiday Inn-type places.