Subject: RE: Cellular telephones
I use a cellphone while traveling in Europe to stay in touch with clients, opponents, etc. I used to rent one, but now that I use AT&T in the U.S. I bought an additional phone (GSM) and have a SIM chip from AT&T that works in the GSM phone. So now when someone calls my U.S. office, the call is forwarded to my U.S. cell number which rings on the GSM phone in Europe (assuming I am in Europe). Both the U.S. TDMA/CDMA phone and the GSM phone are similar Nokia models, so all the accessories work with both phones. The convenience is incredible, but then again so is the cost. The good news is that most, if not all, of my calls are business related. The bad news is that it can really dent your cash flow. The last two week trip generated about $600 in calls. If I used a phone card, it would have been less than a third of that price. You pay for convenience.