Subject: RE: Hotel on Ile Ste. Louis
We stayed at two different hotels on the island, the first was the Hôtel des Deux-Iles, the second was the Hôtel Lutece. They are owned by the same people, and are only steps away from each other, so when they didn't have room for us for an entire week at the first, they were able to shift us to the other. I am not familiar with the Hôtel Saint-Louis.

Of these two I think I preferred the Lutece, but only because we had a much larger and quieter room. In general the two hotels seem to be pretty comparable, and they were identical in price. I would categorize them as very basic 3 star. Both are quite small and neither had much of a breakfast room. Since breakfast wasn't included in the room rate, we just bought pastries and coffee at one of the patisseries or bars right down the street.

There is another hotel that I am familiar with on the island-- I believe the name is the Jeu de Paume. It is much more deluxe, and somewhat secluded behind private doors and a courtyard. It was much quieter and much more comfortable than the two sister hotels.

I loved staying on the Ile Ste. Louis. The location is wonderful for reaching the right or left bank, on foot, and the island itself is an oasis of peace and quiet in the mornings and evenings when most of the strolling tourists are missing. In its own small way, it seemed entirely self-sufficient, with a butcher, cheese monger, bakery, newstand, bar, grocery, all on the central Rue St. Louis, and with the locals scurrying up and down the street to get their daily shopping done, before the tour buses start their disgorgement at the Pont St. Louis. During these early morning hours, it feels very much like an older Paris.

Let me know if you need any more specifics.