Subject: Portugal and Pousadas
Hi Helen,

We used the pousada site you mentioned last Sept. and found it to be very helpful. The pousadas were wonderful and the site is the best and easiest way to make reservations. We stayed at 3, Pousada de Santa Christina, which was the cheapest and least exciting, but near Coimbra and easy to find. Also, Pousada do Monte de Sta. Luzia in Viana do Castelo, which was beautiful, and the BEST - Pousada de Santa Marinha in Guimaraes. Be careful here as there are 2 pousadas in Guimaraes and this one is definitely the best. It is not right in the city center, but up the hill a bit in an old monastery - a fabulous place. Also - if you are of a certain age, when we were there they were giving a substantial discount to seniors if you were traveling on certain days of the week. Worth checking out! You will love them!

Joy in Boulder, Colorado