Subject: Easy/alternative way to arrive in Paris
Here is a very pleasant and simple way to arrive in the heart of Paris without the hassel of trying to find the proper train or bus connection from the airport to the heart of Paris. On my last trip to Paris, I decided to fly into London, spend an inexpensive overnight in the simple and secure domitories of London University (two blocks from Buckingham Palace), and then take the Chunnel TVG train directly into Paris, I believe at Gard Nord. The first class train was a wonderful restful,and scenic ride without any sense of exhaustion or boredom. I arrived early to take one of the first trains out, and had the choice of seats,even though each seat is assigned when buying a ticket.

I then took a taxi to my hotel rested,and my trip was more exciting because of this extension.

Next time I plan to take the Ferry from Enland, and then a train into Paris. Listen, its no bother, only a few dollars, more,but alors! what is traveling for anyhow but to discover new vistas, and experiences of discovery.