Subject: Campus lodging
Hello Sandy: You can find a worldwide source for campus lodging in the book Campus Lodging Guide, published by B&J publications . At this time the publishing company is not longer in business,but they recommend a good library to find their book. In any case, here are some leads for you to look into:

In reply to Sandy's inquiry: Here are two London University centers that offer discount lodgings (under $50.00 per night)

1.King's Campus Vacation Bureau,King's College London 127 Stamford St. London,England. Fax: 44-0171-928-5777, ask for Conference Administrator. Telephone: 44-0171-928-3777

2. Goldsmith's College, University of London. Tel: (0171)919-7132, FAX: 0171-919-7134

While the rooms are monastic, there is 24 hour security. The drawback may be that the bathrooms may be outside the room down the hall, and rather 19th-century style. Jolly Ole England lives again!

The telephone numbers and fax numbers were current as of 1999. They may have changed.