Subject: Campus lodging in London
Hi Sandy I have actually stayed in a dormitory in London and it was a great experience. It was 16 + years ago, and the dorm I stayed in is no longer even standing. This is a pity because the location near the Mosque at Regent's Park was just beautiful. Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel Magazine had a good story on this subject a year or two ago, and a search on their website turned up a good, though not as comprehensive, article, and a letter from someone who had recently stayed in two different London dormitories. I am including the link from my search, and not a direct link to the article or letter, because both of those links were very long and I was afraid they would not transmit. If anyone is interested, the link below provides a list, and the letter and article about London dormitories are the first two items on that list.

Ciao, Debbie