Subject: How to Get from LAX to West Hollywood
Bill: I live in Santa Monica, which is about 7-8 miles south of LAX. I would say that West Hollywood is @ 10 miles east from LAX. It does not sound far, and in miles, it's not, but West Hollywood is a little awkward to get too. So. you want information about public transportation from LAX to West Hollywood? LOL. Rent a car. Public transportation in LA is probably the worst in the US. Even if you can figure out how to get anywhere by bus (we do not have a subway system except in Downtown LA-which means we don't have a subway system!), it will take so long, it's just not worth it. Also, you will find so few people who can help you, or give you any information about public transportation, because most LA folks do not know anything about it-we do everything by car. In addition, LA is so big and spread out that you must have a car to go anywhere. However, if you are dead against renting a car, I do know that you can catch an airport shuttle to West Hollywood when you come out of the terminal. You have to look for the airport shuttle that goes to West Hollywood. Double check where the shuttle is going because there are a number of shuttles around and they are going to all different places. The shuttle will cost about $15-$20 one-way...but be prepared to make many stops to drop people off along the way. The shuttle will take you right to the address you're going to stay. I cannot tell you anything about the bus because I do not have a clue how to get to West Hollywood by bus! I don't know anyone to ask because no one I know would have a clue either. See, I was not kidding! Lisa