Subject: Re:Portugal and Pousadas
Hi Helen,

I've travelled extensively through Portugal,but I never stayed in Pousadas. I happened to have a look at some of them (Pousada da Flor in Crato for one is a charming mixture of architectural styles in a small Alentejo village;Alentejo is one of my favourite areas in the country), and most are hosted in really beautiful buildings.

I find them a bit overpriced and aimed mainly to the plush international clientele, so I prefer to get in touch with a more real Portugal by choosing other options for accommodation. If you are interested,please ask again and I'll give you some hints. Of course you could mix some nights in Pousadas and some nights in other more genuine places. The region between Lisboa and Porto is rich in cultural and natural attractions, so you'll be certainly satisfied when you go back home, and you'll find yourself planning one more vacation in Portugal.