Subject: Re: Renting a Cell phone in Europe
To continue on this topic, I see that TIM, the main mobile service provider in Italy, has a World in Touch program targeted at visitors to rent cell phones. See , click on English if needed, then World in Touch. It has a link to , a rather sparse site but with contact information by e-mail or a U.S. toll-free number. They can arrange for a phone to be picked up at the airport or delivered to a hotel. I don't know how their prices compare to renting a phone from a local shop, but there would be less uncertainty in using this program.

Andrew 15401

From: lcurcgast Date: Tue May 29, 2001 0:28pm Subject: Re: Chicago Airport Transportation

Jonathan is correct that the L is the easiest way to get downtown, but you will then have a five or six block walk to the Sheraton even if you get off the L at Wabash and Randolph. If you don't have much luggage, not a problem.

There are Airport buses that operate between the downtown hotels and the airports. I suspect you need to make a reservation. Try calling the hotel to ask them about it. At least that way you go door to door.

Lisa in Chicago