Subject: Re: Philadelphia
Doug, my son, Edward, is a member of Longwood Gardens. We practically live there! The Terrace Restaurant is the best restaurant in Pa. as far as I am concerned in Longwood Gardens. If you are staying in Kennett Square, you are also not too far from two other major attractions right there. One is Winterthur also owned by the DuPonts where they have the Campbell Soup Museum and exquisite museum if it gets too hot. There is also the Brandywine Museum which is a stone's throw from Kennett Square, and it has all of the Wyeth Paintings and the Brandywine River flows behind the museum with wide glass windows overlooking it while you go up to the second floor of the museum as well.

We could meet for lunch at the Terrace Restaurant and be your guide of the above mentioned spots. You have one upmanship on me! I never heard that Neiman Marcus has popovers! King of Prussia is gigantic. As for Philadelphia, we are next to Chestnut Hill which is a quaint area with good restaurants and shops. I live closeby. My son and I will be glad to meet you. A week from Sunday, we are heading for a cruise to Bermuda. First cruise! Never been to Bermuda either!

Let me know when you will be in our area please. Thanks Doug. Elaine