Subject: Re: Renting a Cell phone in Europe
Thank you Andrew for the important information about rental cell phones for use in Europe. Thanks to you I did contact World in Touch which led me to Here's the story that other Travelziners may want to know:

I was surprised that they were offering a great discount with Alitalia airlines. Since I will be flying Alitalia the rental cost of a cell phone was $25.00 per week. At the same time they offered a theft policy for only $10.00 per week that would cover theft and loss of the phone. All incoming calls were no charge, and outgoing calls would be $1.95. This really looks like a good bargain don't you think?

I looked into several other companies but none offered theft and loss insurance which was a great relief for me. As you may know if you rent a car from Auto Europe they only charge you $40.00 extra for a cell phone, but do not offer theft or loss insurance. If the phone is lost or stolen then they take $500. from the credit card. However, there is no weekly charge or any other charges but incoming and outgoing phone calls.