Subject: Re: Easy/alternative way to arrive in Paris
Hello Beth:

There certainly would be no problem for your children to land in London, and then take a bus or the tube or a taxi, directly to the Waterloo station where the Eurostar departs from to Paris.

I really was not exhausted at all when I deplaned in London, but I wanted to stay overnight and explore London. Even taking an English taxicab to Waterloo station is really helpful since that they are extra large, and the luggage is put up front near the driver. The bus ride was very comfortable and it took me within walking distance of the Waterloo station. I do not know if you could take the underground to Waterloo, but the bus does have an area to store the luggage, same with the taxi.

You can check this out by connection to the maps of the London Underground or by calling the British tourist office.

The Eurostar ride from London to Paris in first class was comfortable, and the window views of the English and French countrysideare picturesque.