Subject: Bilbao and Burgos
Hi Richard. Just a short note to let you know that I am back and ready to help.

Regarding the Bilbao accomodation, a couple of options come up to my mind. A small hotel by the Ereaga beach, in Las Arenas. It is called Los Tamarises, and there is a tube station nearby (5, 10 minutes walking). We usually put up there to our colleagues when they donĄt want to stay in the centre of Bilbao. I can check prices for you. Just tell me more or less your dates (in case there is a big fair and we have to begin to think of far-away places, and I am not joking). The other place I was thinking is the Hotel Avenida. Not in the city center, but it has a good parking place. It was renovated last year, and in weekends they have really brilliant offers. Tube station also nearby (less than 5 minutes). About Burgos, I am going to ask my sister. She was there during the 1st of May weekend, and she found a recently renovated hostal, very cheap and central. She has the card someplace at work, so I guess I should be able to tell you sometime during this week. We usually go to Burgos on day trips, so this was a first for her. Some of the place they visited : Atapuerca, Silos, La Yecla, Covarrubias ...

Bye, Covadonga in Bilbao