Subject: RE: Re: Renting a Cell phone in Europe
I thought about using GSM service in the US primarily to be compatible with travels in Europe. However, GSM coverage is mediocre in Boston and atrocious in the suburbs. It won't work in Vermont and barely makes it in NH. Nextel is a GSM system and they swore up and down that it would work in Chatham, MA. It did. However, it did only when I stood on Hardings Beach and could make the Hyannis tower via line of sight. AT&T says it is considering going to an all GSM service; when that happens it will give me world wide compatability. Until then, however, unless you live in a major metropolitan area and go nowhere else, avoid GSM for US use.

By the way, you can purchase a cheap GSM phone on Ebay and then get a prepaid SIM card from several European suppliers. It is the long distance and roaming rates that kill you.