Subject: Re: Chicago Restaurants
Hi Pat,

I can give you extensive advice about dining options in Chicago, especially less expensive choices and ethnic dining. Please let me know what your interests are, and how close you want to stay to your hotel. I would be glad to help. Chicago is a wonderful town, full of wonderful dining options. Eli's and the Cheesecake Factory would be pretty low on my list of places in which to try out, as in my opinion they are both tourist traps. If you like steak (I don't) there are many wonderful, newer spots to try. I have always enjoyed an old (expensive) standard spot, Gene and Georgetti's, which also serves Italian food and is very good. West Randolph Street, Wicker Park, Bucktown, Southport, and other areas are overflowing with delicious culinary options. Anyway, before I get started, please let me know where your interests (or tastebuds) lie. Then I can make some recommendations, and the others can chime in with theirs and we can all get hungry as we argue it out!!!

Jonathan Chimene 15435

From: E. J. Giese Date: Fri Jun 1, 2001 1:35am Subject: Re: Chicago Restaurants

As a Chicagoan, I don't consider the Cheesecake Factory a Chicago restaurant, its a Bennigans, only a bit nicer, I hear. Eli's is famous, but its for older folks in golf clothes.

I would head to Lawry's for prime rib, its just west of Michigan Ave, my husband suggests the Chop House. I like the Big Bowl for pan-Asian, Houston's for fabulous hamburgers and salads (and quiet dining room), Heaven on Seven for Cajun. I love Nacional 27 for Latin-American, and its fun, romantic and non-intimidating.

Please let us know how the trip goes - Enjoy!