Subject: Re: Help me Avoid being an Ugly American Tourist
At 17:57 2001/06/03, you wrote:
>Hi Ziners,
>>I am the classic ugly American who would like to be less ugly but just as
>comfortable, where shall I start?

Black colored jeans are better than blue, most definitely. Regarding the fanny pack--if that is what you usually use to carry stuff in your everyday life and it is what is most comfortable for your back, then use it. If you normally use another type of bag or purse, then use what you would on a normal basis. Despite of our jokes and stereotypes about ugly American tourist syndrome the real key is to be comfortable (unless of course you are going someplace with specific dress code). For me personally, a large part of being comfortable is blending in and not sticking out as much as possible. I know as soon as I open my mouth I'll give myself away as an American but for the most part I don't get stared at on subways ;-P

Erina historian