Subject: Restaurants in Killarney and Dublin
Hi Tom. I used to go quite often to Killarney when I was living in Ireland, but I donīt remember any special restaurants. I do remember one place in Killorglin (not far away from Killarney) called Nickīs, on the main street. Its speciality is seafood. It was a good place back then, and after listening to my irish friends, itīs still going fine.

Tell your friend to remember that the wine increases sharply the bill in any place in Ireland. In case your friend needs recommendations for other places, here you have a couple for Dublin. We had dinner at Johnnie Fox in Dublin on our first weekend. We hadnīt booked, but as we were there early, we managed to get a table. They are famous for its seafood, but I would tell you to be careful. I had the only bad oyster, and spent an awful sunday afterwards. But I do recommend you the fresh wild mussels and the wild Lough Corrib salmon. It is expensive, though.

On our last night, we found a small italian restaurant in Temple Bar, run by italians. I donīt have the name with me right now, but I can tell you that the prices were surprisingly cheaper than the rest, it is on your right when you come from Westmoreland, having passed the Temple Bar Square. I had tagliatelle ai funghi porcini, and they were gorgeous.

On a whole, I have found Ireland very expensive, and sometimes too experimental. Some of the restaurants have been trying too hard to do the pacific rim goes italian goes french goes asian goes irish cuisine, and I am not sure about the results.

Well, thatīs all. I hope it helped your friend,

Covadonga in Bilbao