Subject: Re: Huatulco
Hi Sandie, I have not been to Huatulco but have been to Puerto Escondido which is just about 100 miles north also on the coast of Oaxaca. Best known for its surf breaks (one of its beaches, Zicatela, is called the Mexican Pipeline) this town is mostly visited by surfers (from all over the world). But it does offer alot for non-surfers. In addition to its world-class surf there are placid coves for swimming and snorkeling, plenty of beaches for sunning and snoozing, a national park Lagunas de Chacagua with a huge array of birdlife, crocodile hatchery, and mangrove forest. Daily flights from Mexico City and Oaxaca.

Another possibility would be the Costa de Careyes. This is the west coast of Mexico from south of Puerto Vallarta to Manzanillo in the states of Jalisco and Colima. The coast is lined with one beautiful bay after another. There are a number of stand alone resorts, or you could rent a home, or stay at one of the smaller beach towns such as Barra de Navidad. And of course there is Manzanillo.

Another possibility would be Zihuatanejo in Guerrero. This would be be a bit more impacted with tourists due to its proximity to Ixtapa and daily visits from cruise ships.

I'd suggest looking through some guides to see if any of these pique your interest. If so I 'll be glad to answer more specific questions that may arise.

John Rule San Diego, CA