Subject: Accomodation in Northern Spain
Hello Covadonga,

As always, your suggestions are most helpful and 'right on the money'. We therefore will take your advice and stay in either Getxo or Plentzia. I hope that I am not asking too much, but we prefer to stay in hostals, pensiones or 1 and 2 star hotels, similar to the one that you recommended in Caceres(Hostal Iberia). Both Rachel and I would be most appreciative if you would look into the accommodation.

While you are probably quite correct in recommending busses over trains for most people, both of us much prefer to travel by rail, especially over long distances. I have great problems sitting still for any length of time and in trains I can move about quite easily. Even on planes one can move to the back where is usually a little room to stand and talk with fellow passengers.

Thank you.

Regards, Richard Bloomfield New Zealand