Subject: Accomodation in Northern Spain
Hi Richard, IŽll have a look to see what we can find. My sister has told me about a place in the old town in Bilbao that seems interesting, and one of my colleagues from work lives in Getxo and knows a couple of places there, so weŽll see if we are lucky. I asked my sister and her boyfriend about the place they stayed in Burgos. They donŽt recommend it, but they saw another place, quite central and it seems nice, so we might have a look. They are going to give their URL, so you can have a look.

About the buses... I agree with you in your opinion about trains. I find them better than buses or planes. If you have the time, I really prefer to travel by train (even if it sometimes is more expensive). But the problem in Spain is that the train network is not so good as in the rest of Europe, and many times you have to get the bus (with the train, Madrid-Bilbao in 6 hours at its fastest, with the bus you can do it in 4h 15mn). ALSA and ENATCAR are good companies and they usually have good buses, but if you want the extra-inch of space and a fine service, and you have to travel by bus, there are some special services called VIP or SUPRA (depending on the company). They have around 30 places per bus, only 3 seats per row, leather chairs, free refreshments and magazines. They are usually a good idea.

WeŽll keep in touch, regards from Covadonga Bilbao (Spain)