Subject: Huatulco

These are starting to get into small towns, but people talk happily about Barra de Navidad (I think it is just south of Carreyes) and Melaque and Malaquin (I think that is how it is spelled), in the same area. I don't know what your budget is, but there is a very expensive and fancy place on the Pacific coast called something like Las Alamendras. It is secluded, although some would say isolated. Hollywood stars go there to get away from everyone.

Personally, I have always liked Acapulco, but I may be in the minority. I can recommend a good hotel there.

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From: Marco De Angeli Date: Thu Jun 7, 2001 9:08am Subject: Train travel - Rome to Naples-Sorrento

Hi Travellers,

In these months Ferrovie dello Stato (or Trenitalia), the national railway company, is installing self-service machine in all the big station where you can buy tickets and make reservation skipping the line at the window. You can pay either cash or by credit card. It could be a good choice to buy a Rome to Naples ticket.

About the race from Naples to Sorrento, you have to change railway company (and station). Not be afraid about that: the other station is close the Naples central station where you'll arrive from Rome. You have just go underground by a stair, by your ticket at the window you'll find there (and NOT in the main station all where there are only window for the national railway!!!) then take a moving carpet (sp?) to the train station. Just follow arrows to Circumvesuviana, it is the name of the railway company from Naples to Sorrento and means around Vesuvio vulcan. You don't have/can book for this race because it is just a suburban trains.

Just in case, the web page of Circumvesuviana is:

Hope it can help you, anyway I agree with Peter: why not stay a few days in Naples ?

Ciao, Marco Milan - Italy