Subject: Re: Italy Holiday
Hi to all the Marsham family,

If I were you, I wouldn't stay in Genova: it is almost impossible moving by car and parking in the city. Since you would go in a beach resort in the West coast, why not take base in the Savona Youth Hostel ?? Savona is a small city (about 75,000 people) in the west coast a few km away from Genova. The hostel is located in the restored castle just on the coast (wonderfull view!) in the heart of the town. I have never been in this hostel but, from outside, it look like clean and well restored. Moreover there is a nice museum inside the castle too, just 10 mt. from the hostel door. Moving from Savona to any oter town along the cost is very easy: you can drive along the highway or (better) catch the train.

Ciao, Marco Milan - Italy.