Subject: Flower colors /kinds for Chinese
I have a quick question: It seems to me that I recall that there is one type of flower or color that it is not appropriate to bring to a Chinese family as a hostess gift because it means death or something. Does anyone know what this is? Am I remembering correctly? For many years, Bill and I have adopted international students at Bill's university, helping them ease through the transition of coming and studying in the U.S. that first year by simply being a friend. By now, we have many, many students and former students with whom we have remained good friends. Tomorrow we go to the home of one Chinese former student and his wife for dinner and plan to take flowers, but don't want to make a mistake and bring a no-no kind.

By the way, this friendship program is a wonderful one and has brought us so much joy as well as insight into life in many countries. If any of you Ziners live near a university or college, you might inquire about a similar program there---we have such fun with our students---many of them now in their mid 30's. Cheers, Pat in Baltimore