Subject: Picos de Europa
Hi Richard - we were in the Asturias / Picos a couple of years ago. The mountains were wonderful and we drove for miles and miles through them without meeting any traffic - BUT it takes forever to get anywhere and the coast roads are very busy! We drove from Llanes to Fuente De and what we had expected to take 2 hours took 4! Then when we finally arrived, the top of the mountain was shrouded in mist - this is not unusual as we later found out. Having driven all that way we queued anyway - 90 min wait - and arrived at the top in a thick wet mist. Some people just turned around and joined the down queue! Now you know why this is a lovely 'green' part of Spain - it rains! of course as we're English this didn't bother us too much! We had a lovely holiday and certainly found this area very different to other parts of Spain - have a great trip Sally Somerset UK