Subject: Emergency Medical help while traveling
Hi everyone thought I would just add a little to the discussion on illness whilst abroad. My husband Dave is a GP (General Practioner - family doctor)here in the UK and all GPs have to provide 24hr medical services.

Whatever the problem there will always be a GP available - they should charge but often don't (Dave recently saw an American in a local hotel but didn't charge). Most travellers have general medical insurance and this will cover call out charges. GPs often run their own medical centres out of hours (that is between 6.30pm-8.30am)covering several practices and telephoning a local GP will divert you to this number. In the UK patients have the right to contact a GP 24 hours a day and if it is necessary have a home visit or they will be asked to go along to the local callout centre.

Most hospitals have 24hour Accident and Emergency departments where you can just turn up. The charging of non UK residents is pretty haphazard and again you may not be charged although non European Union residents should be! Medical care in Europe is generally very good and the availability of 24hour doctors varies

Safe travelling! Sally Somerset UK