Subject: PARIS hotels?
Have 24 hrs. - Muguet or Caron de Beaumarchais?

Next April 22nd (a Monday) we will spend less then 24 hrs in Paris, arrive about 2:30 p.m. leave for the airport at 10 a.m. Because of limit of time, cost, and near stops for L'Open Tour bus we are trying to decide between these two hotels (unless someone has a better idea). We hope to get into Paris from CDG the fastest way (Airport connection @$14 pp) or cab $??? Check in and get on the L'Open Tour bus. Muguet looks to be closer to the L'Open Tour bus stop but now I am wondering for evening walking around which hotel. Is the area around Caron de Beau...... more interesting. I have no idea where to get off the bus on it's last run. I have read that the Louvre is open till 9:45 pm but not sure if we would do justice to it in a few hours. Want to walk along the Siene somewhere. We have the opportunity to spend a few hours in Paris, too bad most of them are during the night, and decided to go for it. But we would like help in using the time to the best we can. Any ideas?????

Marge Pacheco Las Vegas