Subject: Train reservations in Europe, the ongoing saga
Dear Ziners,

Sorry to be so neurotic about this topic that's been discussed at length already, but here's my current dilemma.

I emailed DER travel about reserving couchettes on 3 overnight trains. I got an email back from them today informing me that the Paris-Spain train has no couchettes, and that the cost for the 6 of us would be around $530 (for one quad and one double sleeper). The reservation cost for the six of us for each of the other two overnight trains (Spain-France, France-Italy) is about $160 each. So we are talking about $850 for three train rides (this is of course in addition to the cost of the passes).

I understand that if we wait until we arrive in France, the cost will be lower. these trains usually sell out in advance? We will arrive 2 days before we're planning to take the first train, and could make the reservation then.

I know there are no guarantees, just wondering if anyone had experience with these overnight trains in July.


JoAnne in Silicon Valley, California