Subject: Re: PARIS hotels?
Hi Marge While you would do fine at either of the hotels you mentioned (Muguet and Caron de Beaumarchais) if it were me, and I had such a short time in Paris, I would pick a more centrally located hotel. Both of these hotels are in wonderful locations, but both are a little out of the very center. The Caron de Beaumarchais is a little to the east, and the Muguet, a little to the west (although good for the Invalides and Eiffel Tower). If I had to choose between the two hotels you mentioned, I guess it would depend on what I wanted to see. A map could help you decide which is nearest the things you are interested in doing. Something in the 1st or 6th e would be more suited to my plans with so little time. Also, consider picking a hotel that is directly on the path of your proposed tour. Sandra Gustafson's book, Cheap Sleeps in Paris, has decent maps along with the hotel suggestions. I have heard people say they stayed in the Hotel de Louvre, 1st e I believe, and thought it was an ok budget choice. I do not have personal experience with it though. I see no reason to worry about getting back to your hotel at night, since it is very easy to hop on the Metro and get fairly close to wherever you are going. A taxi would be easy, too. Most guidebooks to Paris have Metro maps included. You could also skip the tour bus and go by Metro. That would eliminate waiting for the bus, assuming that it is a hop on and hop off thing. It is easier to use the Metro than you might have thought, and a with a little preparation you could be an old hand after just one leg. It is economical and fun. Since we just read that someone waited an hour and a half for an airport shuttle, I think I would take a taxi into the city, especially since you say we..... I assume there are more than one of you, which makes this more expensive option a little more reasonable, as you would have to pay a fare for each, whether you took a shuttle or train or bus. Myself, with so little time, I would just hop into a taxi.

Hope these suggestions are helpful to you. bon voyage, Debbie in Pittsburgh