Subject: Refugee Problem in Italy
Dear Members:

We are planning a trip back to our beloved Italy for May 2002, but have some serious concerns about the lingering problem of the refugees from the former Yugoslavia. We desire to go to regions we have NOT visited before, and for a number of reasons, have selected the Puglia and the Veneto (with a lot of exploration of the Friuli - Venezia - Giulia region). Our plan is to rent a house or 2-bedroom apartment for a week in each location, and to use that as a base for exploration.

Now, our problem/inquiry. We keep reading in guidebooks and reference material about the overwhelming influx of refugees in the Puglia and Friuli regions - and the corresponding high rate of crime and strain on services. Knowing that it takes a year or more to get a book into print, we wanted to know if this information was valid, anymore, or if the situation was returning to normal, following the end of the fighting.

We are always vigilant, when traveling, and take safeguards against crime and violence wherever we go. However, it is stupid to knowingly go into a dangerous area, when you have been forewarned. So, we are turning to the best travel site in the world, to get some accurate first hand knowledge about the situation - The TravelZINE.

We know that no one has a crystal ball, and can not predict what conditions will be like next May, but we would appreciate any of our Italian members, or those who have recently traveled in the region, to let us know how things stand. With your insight, we will modify and adjust our plans for our trip.

Thanks, Roy, Wanda and Dena Faires San Rafael, California