Subject: SF weather and restaurants(was: Restaurants in S an Francisco)

The weather is very changeable and we have microclimates here, so the trick is to layer. A light wool sweater or jacket is a good thing to pack. SF is typically windy, with fog in the morning, clearing and warm during the day, and the fog coming back around 4 pm. I live about 10 miles north, and it's usually at least 10degrees warmer here, with no fog and less wind, so if you cross any of the bridges or go south on the Penninsula it will be much warmer.

As for restaurants near Moscone, our favorite is LuLu and if you're on an expense account, go to Hawthorne Lane. Within Sony Metreon/Yuerba Buena Gardens (next to Moscone) there's a dining court where I'd recommend Firewood Cafe (great roasted chicken, pizza and salads). Not too far away is Fringale, Dine, and Julie's Supper Club. You can check out restaurant reviews on and

Joli Wilson/San Rafael, CA