Subject: Re: Train travel in Switzerland
The questions I can answer:

--- In TheTravelzine , Pat Letendre wrote:
> 1. I've read that the only difference between 1st and 2nd class on the
> Swiss rail system is more room in 1st class. Would 1st class be less
> crowded? Are there any reason why one may want to go 1st class (as opposed
> to 2nd class) on this system?

Yes, First Class is less crowded; the seats might have slightly more padding, but generally Second is fine.

> 3. Is there any need to book seat reservations on Swiss Rail? Seems to me I
> read somewhere that they were not needed.

I don't know if this has changed recently, but when I last checked one couldn't reserve on internal trips on the Federal Railways. Some scenic mountain trips operated by independent railways require reservations, though.
> 5. Has anyone stayed at the Hotel Limmathof opposite the train station in
> Zurich? Any other recommended hotels or B&Bs within walking distance?

Yes, I stayed at the Limmathof in 1986; it was very comfortable.

> 6. To travel from Zurich to Locarno often requires a train transfer in
> Bellinzona with about 5 minutes listed between arrival and departure. How
> do-able is this for two tired people suffering from jet lag, carrying
> luggage around, and new to the Swiss rail system?

I expect the trains would be across the same platform, and it should work fine. The trains run like clockwork.

Andrew Missouri