Subject: Re: Re: Train travel in Switzerland
Hello, I'm not sure about Swiss trains-but my wife &I just got back from traveling from Venice to Monterooso by Italian rail speed train, and we had 2nd class seats which were in enclosed car, with 3 lg seats facing each other-curtains on inside &outside windows &it was plush to me. I walked up &down into 2 train cars &only about a third of them were occupied. We jumped onto a smoking car by accident (neither of us smoke) and it was almost empty.

We traveled for 6hrs &it was very fast &comfortable.wE BOUGHT OUR TICKETS IN Venice with no reservations, and had no trouble getting them. Just make sure that there is no supplement required with your ticket when you purchase them. One conductor wanted an additional $29 from us for riding the speed train, &they wouldn't take a credit card &i HAD NO Italian Lira ON ME.. They let us go anyway. I thought the price was very cheap. It was $29 each -one way from Venice to Monterooso (Italian Riviera).

I know this isn't Swiss rail info, but it might help.


PS we were there May 16th-25th early season!!!