Subject: Moderately priced, well located hotel in Paris

>> Any hints on interesting Bed &Breakfast accommodation in Paris, please? Failing that, any advice re moderately priced, well located Paris hotels with character? >>

Joan, Don't know of any Bed and Breakfasts in Paris, but we stayed in a very well located, moderately priced hotel in the Saint Germain des Pres area... the Crystal Hotel. We were half a block from Saint Germain Blvd and Saint Germain des Pres. in the 6th arrondissement. It was not too far from the Seine, to the North, the Latin Quarter to the East, the D'Orsay to the West, and the Luxembourg Gardens to the South. Also very close to the jazz clubs on the Rue de Buci. We caught the bus right in front of Saint Germain des Pres to head for the Louvre and across the street on Saint Germain Blvd. to go to the Latin Quarter. It's not fancy, but clean and comfortable, and we really liked the people that ran it. We hope to stay there again next spring. Here's the website: