Subject: Re: travel light?

> On a whim I bought some of those roll up plastic bags that purge the air
> from around your clothes.

Hi Tom,

I've used the same principle (without the expense) for years. I use the clear plastic zippered bags that new sheets and pillowcases come in. They're perfect for packing. I put like things together, carefully fold what I don't want wrinkled, put them in the bags, SIT ON THE BAGS to get the air out and zip. It makes packing and unpacking a snap and finding things was never so easy.

That said, at the moment I'm packing for a driving trip and my reputation is in ruins. The worst is when you don't have to worry about checking your luggage nor space for your suitcases. The saving grace is that I'm not a clotheshorse so even if I take everything I own, it won't take up too much space! LOL!

Looking forward to seeing you at the Boston GTG on the 19th!

Regards, Linda