Subject: Re: Delft?
Dear Janet, Thanks so much, I am crossing my fingers that they have rooms in A'dam. I also appreciate the delft recommendation since i fear that i will have to find alternate places to stay and delft is certainly wonderful. We are going to be painting and sketching the areas and frankly, could there be anyplace more paintable then Delft? My favorite thing is that I don't have to change hotels, I would rather stay in one place for the entire 8 nights but hey, flexibility is the key to successful travel. Now i am in Los Angeles and would have loved to get together with you all, so please email me directly if you want to grab a cup of coffee and have a chat. I am pretty close to UCLA. ( ahesson ). And congratulations on your Son's accomplishments, may he be happy in his endeavors always.

All the best, Amelia in Los Angeles