Subject: Re: Re: Refugee Problem in Italy
I totally agree with Paolo! Often refugee come in Friuli and Puglia just as transit. I went in Puglia 4 yers ago, during the top of former Jugoslavian crisis and I neither saw nor got any problem. As Paolo said strain on services applies only to the police and volunteers serving at the rallying camps.

So Stasha don't worry about refugee problems.

As I said time ago, I believe that guidebooks are too freghtening and we don't have to trust them more than necessary. I like remember this fact that happens to me: a person asked me about crime situation in Rome; well Stasha, I assume you have been in Rome so you know how Roma looks like ... When she came back to home, she wrote me:

I guess you're right Marco regarding the guide books... You would have to follow them only to a certain extent, then you do your own research.

Like when I was in Italy, I was so frightened with rumours of crime in Rome, but as long as you played it safe, I did not feel unsafe while I was there... Many of my friends tried to persuade me to not go, coz of this.....


Enjoy Friuli and Puglia, Marco in Milan - Italy