Subject: Bad experience in Da Bruno in Pisa
Ciao Graziella,

I'm sed for your trouble. Bruno is a very well known restaurant in Pisa and I guess it is recommended in many guides. I went there just once in my life many years ago, and it used to be also at that time very expensive. I'm looking to the Micheline guide of last year and it is written a price between 45.000 to 70.000 and they can add you 12% of tips. So not so exagerate (not cheap at all of course!). How much did you spend? Did you tell them their level was bad? I usually tell to the waiter or the manager when I'm not satisfied and you could have had the chance to ask them to change your dishes or not to pay the dinner. Anyway the right thing you have to do now (imho) is to write to both michelin and Frommer and tell them about your experience, so that in the future the restaurant can be cancelled from guides or it must change the behaviour! it's your right since you spend your money! The next time you are in Italy, I recommend you to buy a guide called Osterie d'Italia (by Slow Food). The restaurant they suggest are always typical of the area and not really expensive. E.g. the restaurant we were together in Torino was in this guide.

Have a good day!

Simona, Torino, Italy