Subject: Re: travel light?
Hi I often peruse the travel supply catalogues and see all the easy-to-wash-and-dry garments, but I haven't purchased any yet. One thing I do to travel light is pack my oldest underwear, and throw it away as I wear it. I know that others here have said they do this, too.

I am not the greatest at packing light, because I like to have what is comfortable and convenient near me most of the time, and I always have at least two or three books with me, adding weight. Hence, I am pretty thrilled to have it down to one smallish but necessary-to-check wheeled suitcase for each of us, and a carry-on each.

I have a small wheeled carry-on in which I pack a change of clothing and shoes for each of us, plus a few necessities if our luggage is delayed. Instead of a purse, I carry the Freedom Bag (we jokingly call it the Miracle Bag) which I purchased on television. This holds all our toiletries and medicines, and is no bigger than a largish purse. It is one of those things with a designated place for every item and all compartments are see-through.

My husband carries a large camera bag, which also has pockets for everything we will need in transit and on the airplane: tickets, passports, wallets, reading material, even snacks. I believe this bag is a Temba. Since he also packs a photo vest, he doesn't have to lug the bag with him when we get to our destinations. He straps a camera body around his neck, and puts everything else in the vest.

Anyway, this wasn't really an answer on how to take everything in one carry-on, but it was fun to write and plan. ;-) In any case, I suggest a Freedom Bag to anyone who travels with a lot of toiletries and medications. Very handy and convenient: we hang it on the bathroom door and everything is there when we need it. In fact, I never really unpack it, but keep it stocked and ready to go all the time.

Debbie in Pittsburgh