Subject: Da Bruno Restaurant in Pisa HORRIBLE
Hi SImona, I already wrote to Frommer and Michelin.

What I really hated was the bad quality of the food. The cost was a secondary complain.

It was our first night in Italy this year, we were tired after a very long drive and we were not that familiar with current trattoria 's prices in Italy.

I am really angry with myself for not complaining right there!!! we should have sent the food back.

This is what we ate: One melone and prosciutto- was ok. One Crostini de la Nonna, were horrible, three slices of old dry bread, one with some pomidoro sauce ( the same one they use in the pasta) , one with some funghi ( the same funghi they were going to used later in the polenta) and a third one. Horrible the three of them.

One spaghetti pomodoro

One polenta with funghi.

Let me tell you Simona this was the most unbelievable thing, it was tiede slabs of polenta, probably heated in a microwave with a bad funghi sauce. I have eaten polenta all over ITaly, and I love to cook polenta, ....this was something repulsive and I did not eat it.

One disgusting lemon ice cream, pre made inside some ugly cup, like a plastic one.

Bad wine in a carafe and mineral water. THe bill was exactly 100.000 lire. with the 12 % tip.

, our next dinner in Pisa was at Al Ristoro dei Vecchi Macelli, a very nice restaurant, with nice tablecloths, nice crystal and silver, great service and very good food. More relaxed and rested we had full dinners, Gino Pasta and Filet mignon and desert, I had a Gourmet set menu , with antipasto, primo and also filet mignon and desert ( a delicous dessert with home made millefoglie), good wine etc, the bill was 135.000

What happened in the Da Bruno is a mystery to me un ess they changed owners or that night the chef was not there. But let me tell you, Simona, you know how much we enjoy traveling in Italy, that place was the worst ever, we were seated in a fairly small dinning room where everybody was a tourist and we could hear how the waiter was mistreating a Japanese woman eating alone, he practically forced her to order a prim plus a second.

I am very angry at them and also at us, being so tired after a long trip driving all the way from Nice, for letting it go without a huge complain.... as I said I have written to Michelin andFrommer and will write to thePisaTourist Office.

See you, Graziella