Subject: Re: Delft?
At 16:31 2001/06/14, you wrote:
>Thanks Erina! I am traveling to A'dam Sept 15-23 and there is an annual
>broadcasters convention which has booked many of the choice hotels. DO
>you know of a hotel Ajax? How about Hotel De Filosoof?

I have not visited these hotels personally, but I looked them up on the web to see where they are located (Ajax: De Filosoof: ). Both are in good locations--Ajax is in the city centre near lots of restaurants. De Filosoof is a little further out (but not too far; A'dam is very small and compact) and close to a great park. The neighborhood around De Filosoof would probably be quieter--If I had to choose I would probably go with De Filosoof.

Erina in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)