Subject: da Bruno Horrible in Pisa
Hi Peter, you are absolutely right, boy did I learnt the lesson! I had Frommer 's book, Umbria and Tuscany handy and what the heck!!!!! I didn t expect superb cuisine but it is not easy to eat that bad in all Italy!!!!!!!

As I said I am mostly mad with myself than with those crooks at Da Bruno. It was as I said our first night, and we had hoped only for a simple meal.

Because I know you enjoy good restaurants you are so right...the matter in fact we were again mislead by Michelin in Lucca, we had lunch at La Buca di Sant'Antonio, full house,there were tourist from all over and some Italians too, it wasn t bad, but it was not very good as I had expected.

We even had a discussion, Gino ordered a pasta a la bolognesa, I order some capelettini al zuco di carne, to our surprise both pastas came with exactly the same sauce, for us a bolognesa sauce, we politely asked the maitre, and he dismissed our question telling as in all the world zuco de carne is a bolognesa sauce......Not in Piamonte for one I venture, because there we had the most delicious zuco de carne.... But they looked at us with disdain as telling us to shut up....behond this incident the food was so , so.

What does your book says about this Buca in Lucca? Best regards, Graziella