Subject: Restaurants in Italy

The books say go to Da Leo or Osteria Baralla for lunch then for dinner go to Puccini or if you have a car, better yet, take the short drive to La Mora in Ponte a Moriano. La Mora has an amazing wine list at very reasonable prices and is a very pleasant place in the countryside.

Last month we were in Venice, Bergamo and Bellagio and found these restaurants/trattorie to be outstanding:

Venice: Da Fiore; L'Anice Stellato; Fiaschetteria Toscana (Venetian cuisine notwithstanding its name); Osteria alle Testiere

Bergamo: Colleoni Dell'Angelo (But there were other excellent choices but we only could have lunch in Bergamo)

Vila di Chiavenna (Five miles from St Moritz): Laterna Verde (Marvelous wine list too)

Tremezzo (on Lake Como): Il Valuu

Albavilla (Just a few miles in from Lake Como): Il Cantuccio

Bellagio (Actually Loppia): Silvio

Many tourists to Italy from the US expect to find similar menus that they have been used to seeing in Italian restaurants at home. This, I think, may be a cause for having some disappointing experiences. Ed and Julie's web site makes good reading for the better understanding of Italian cuisine (which really doesn't exist). Rather the cuisine of Italy is very Regional or even very localized. As I think about it, Fred Plotkin's book about Italian cuisine is very worthwhile reading even though it is a little out of date. Kyles Philips site at is also a good place to research.