Subject: Books on Italy Restaurants
my 2cents worth on this topic. The only consistently good guide we found was the Cadogan Restaurant guide to Tuscany. Every review matched our experience. I would expect all the Cadogan guides are reliable in their reviews of restaurants. They are also an excelent general guide, and the most recent Tuscany, Umbria and the Marches is excellent value. We only ate out at the sort of restaurants reviewed in guidebooks, a couple of times per week. The rest of the time, we looked for non-tourist restaurants, osteria etc. We applied several principles in finding them, and didn't have a bad experience. If it was for lunch, we didn't start looking untill around 1.30, and dinner around 8.30(because that's when the locals eat). We always worked our way into residential areas and well into the back streets. We listened for the sound of english being spoken, and if it was overwhelming, assumed it was catering to tourists. If it was exclusively Italian being spoken, we were on the right track, Check the menu on display out front. If it is only in Italian, it's another good sign. Sometimes we just stood in the street, watching where groups of locals went, and then followed them. The only other types of restaurants that we visited regularly, were those listed in the Bon Recordo guide. I know I have the spelling wrong, but I am at work without my files. This is a list of approx 100 restaurants throughout Italy, that belong to an organisation committed to maintaining traditional cooking. If you order the specialty of the house, they provide you with a gift boxed plate ( It has the name of the restaurant and the house specialty painted on the rim of the plate, and a picture in the middle).

If anyoune requires more info. let me know and I will post it next week.

cheers Gavin (Sydney, Australia)